The Daily Snap – July 9

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

I was putting our kitchen scraps into our compost bin and it struck me how colourful the scene was – back into the house to get the G11… it was a good week for grapefruit and eggs.


4 Responses to “The Daily Snap – July 9”

  1. Shots like this are strange and cool at the same time. Just goes to show the spark of multiple emotions make for good photographs even when the subject is very uncommon.
    Might think about more veggies in your diet 😉

  2. Wonderful abstract and a perfect example of how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Could evolve into a series – Compost Art (just food for thought).

  3. First washrooms, now compost bins, I can’t hardly wait for you to discover your next hidden photo op location! 😉

  4. I wish my garbage looked that good. The trash collectors must be really impressed. Hahaha!

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