Travel Photo Contest – Rory Wallwork

Rory Wallwork

©Rory Wallwork

Rice Fields and Karst Peaks

This image was taken in Yangshuo (阳朔) China. Yangshuo is located in the heart of the beautiful Karst mountains – quite possibly one of the most unique landscapes on Earth. Rice fields like these are everywhere throughout these mountains, and are still a way of life for many villagers outside of the cities. And until you venture out into the small villages of modern-day China, you really can’t appreciate their old ways of life, as I was able to. The day this was taken I was lucky to have a nice blue sky, because most of the days spent there were either overcast or too polluted to see much of the sky at all. This image was created from three separate shots, all hand-held.


2 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Rory Wallwork”

  1. This is definitely one of the most clear shots I’ve seen of this area. As you said the air here is usually quite thick. I would love to go there someday, there is a huge amount of rock climbing in that area. Wonderful shot!

  2. Beautiful shot, I love how green everything, China is a beautiful place 🙂

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