Travel Photo Contest – Michael Grahame

Michael Grahame

©Michael Grahame

Quite unexpectedly, I came across a field of wild orchids in a quiet, wooded, shaded area while out on a day trip to Banff. My first shot with this composition ended up with the field of orchids under-exposed in the background while the focal point was blown out. I took the exposure down 2 stops and centered the flower in the frame and was pleasantly surprised to see the background disappear. I’m fairly new to photography and have found high contrast natural lighting a challenge, however it played to my advantage in this shot. The colour and the light dancing around the delicate petals has made this one of my favorite photos that I have taken.


One Response to “Travel Photo Contest – Michael Grahame”

  1. Great shot! Against the dark background, I would agree with this being a favorite!

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