The Daily Snap – July 13

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Typically storms come through the area and bypass Cochrane (where we live) and head straight to Airdrie and Northwest Calgary and pound the hell out of those regions. Last night we saw some typical big thunder heads developing in the usual spots and so we headed to capture the action. This was our first stop and a captured the big towering cloud in the background with the Canon G11. I used a Gitzo 2542L tripod and did three shots bracketed at 0, -2 and +2 to capture information across the contrasty scene. In post, I used Photomatix’s Exposure Fusion to blend back the three exposures into a scene the way my eye saw it. Later as the sun was lighting up the cloud at sunset I pulled out the big gun of a camera (the Canon Rebel T2i) and took some more shots. 😉


11 Responses to “The Daily Snap – July 13”

  1. Kevin Gardiner Says:

    Darwin, in the last couple of months you’ve been writing and using Photomatix more often which I find confusing.

    You wrote a while back on comparing the use of filters and Photomatix. “In almost every case, I feel the quality and realism of the images is better with grad filters.”

    Has Photomatix become better?

    • Back then Photomatix did not have Exposure Fusion and the tone mapping function gave unrealistic results in my opinion. I still will use filters even over Exposure Fusion when I can get it right in camera. In this case a grad filter would have covered the trees and made them look overly dark so I used Exposure Fusion instead.

  2. Awesome summer storm! Being on the edge of one can produce some spectacular clouds and action. I couldn’t do anything with the storm yesterday, but I got out the evening before and chased the thunderheads out to Shepard. Fun stuff… 🙂

  3. Awesome! I was driving back from Calgary to Edmonton and watching this system from the east around Red Deer. That cumulus cloud was massive, I kind of thought it might turn into a twister/tornado the cloud was so low to the ground. Did you get any photos of it when the sun was almost set and it turned bright pink?

  4. Like how you used foreground objects to lead us into the photo. Really shows the size and scope of the northern prairie.

  5. Unfortunately I was in the middle of that mess. I did get some video showing the size of the hail stones we got. ( Got some long exposures of the trees waving in the wind after the worst of the storm passed but honestly I would have preferred being out of the path of this storm. (I actually wore my toque because that wind was friggin’ cold!)

    Great shot in any event Darwin and I’m looking forward to seeing the weekly photo.

  6. Great shot Darwin! Can’t wait to see the “Weekly Photo” this week. We had a wicked storm pass through Jasper on Sunday, but unfortunately for me, my wife had the van in Vancouver for the weekend. I tried to make a few clicks from around the apartment…but didn’t get to follow the storm through the valley. Next time I guess!

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