The Daily Snap – July 16

©Darwin Wiggett

Sam and I are spending time developing relationships with private land owners where we get access to photograph their properties and we supply them with prints and Blurb Books about their land. It is a win-win and most land owners are really proud to have  their land showcased by photographers especially when they get a book out of the deal. Remember I have a discount code for anyone interested in creating a Blurb book.

Get CAD $10.00 off your the cost of your Blurb Book. Each customer can use this promotion 1 time. Offer valid between 2010-05-25 and 2010-07-30. Promotion only valid for books created by the customer. code = DWP25


2 Responses to “The Daily Snap – July 16”

  1. Stephane Hachey Says:

    That’s a very good idea Darwin. Nice shot too.

  2. I am thinking the same thing too being in PA. Every tract of land here is POSTED and I dare not go on private land. I love so much here and I might just have to be more assertive and ask the land owners here.


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