The Daily Snap – July 19

©Darwin Wiggett

This ‘contraption’ is located in Hazelton BC. Although it was crappy light I thought I better make a snap of it anyway. I did a three exposure bracket at 0, -2, and +2 and then blended it with Exposure Fusion in Photomatix. Of course I used my Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer to help remove reflective highlights and saturate colours


6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – July 19”

  1. Hello, Darwin.

    I’m wondering what sharpening techniques you’re using for most of your images? It’s simple “Unsharp Mask” or some kind of LAB sharpening methods or something else? I’m asking this because of my curiosity.


    • Mostly just Smart Sharpen in Photoshop at 100 % and radius of 0.4 pixels for web images. Darwin

      • Thank you for your replay. And one more thing – how much time you spend on your images post processing? And I’m more interested about your professional images. Its pure curiosity – how much time professionals spend on their images? Or you have your own post processing techniques? Just couple clicks and – tatam?!

        For example, I’m amateur photographer and my Achilles heel it’s my laziness. I’m taking about hundret images per month and I’m quite lazy on post processing of my images. But professionals take hundreds images per day and where they take time for post processing? Looks like its quite top to be a professional…

    • Re how long do I spend on processing my images.

      First I only keep about 10% of the images I shoot, so that saves tons of time processing.

      some images are processed in Adobe Camera Raw in literally 30 seconds. the average image takes about 5 minutes. for HDR or pano stitches the average image takes about 15 minutes. It would be very rare if I spent longer than 15 minutes on an image. Darwin

  2. The “contraption” you refer to is a threshing machine widely used in grain farming areas until about the early 1950’s as the more modern combines became available a more popular. Great shot – love the colors. Gerald

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