The Daily Snap – July 21

©Darwin Wiggett

Sam perplexed by the scene along the Salmon Glacier in British Columbia. I am sure she is thinking “How the heck do I shoot this in mid-day light under a clear sky?”  Sorry Sam, don’t ask me, if the sky is clear blue, I am lost on how to make a good photo. But I am positive that squatting down is sure to make the photo better!


9 Responses to “The Daily Snap – July 21”

  1. thats easy!!.. you pull out some snacks and wait for clouds. I hear in the mountains they are bound to show up.

  2. A recent study has found that squatting down reduces blood flow to the lower extremities, causing it to increase availability in the upper body including the brain. This has a positive effect on cognitive function including the creativity center of the brain. Sam obviously has studied these things, and from what we can see here she is probably on the verge of unleashing a clear blue sky masterpiece!

    Or, she’s going to pull out some snacks.


  3. Great post! I love the shot and the comment.

  4. Isn’t this where to the old adage, Wait for the light, comes in? 🙂 Oh, and snacks are good to have around when waiting.

  5. Pierre Dunant Says:

    Umm, Darwin….that’s a pretty good photo, no?

  6. Dave Terpening Says:

    That’s the position they say we should assume in the event of a lightening storm. Sam’s just setting a good example for us

  7. The Salmon glacier (and the road to it) has got to be one of the best kept secrets in BC. I was there in 2007 and was absolutely floored by the beauty of the place.

  8. That looks like a great place for a “Summit Nap”.

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