The Daily Snap – July 22

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Samantha and I just got back from hiking to Berg Lake in Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia. This trail is considered one of the premiere backpacking trips in the Canadian Rockies (21 km to Berg Lake) and we were very lucky with lovely weather considering all the snow and rain that hit adjacent Jasper National Park last week. At first glance all I saw was Sam surrounded by the scenery of Mount Robson and Berg Lake. But look closer on top of the rock on the left side of the photo. There, sunning itself on a rock, is a marmot – trust me was Sam surprised when she discovered it so close! It was totally relaxed as we took photos from the look-off at Mumm Basin. The marmot was so tame that I could get nearly full frame photos of it with my Canon G11 (see the photo below). Probably this marmot has been fed numerous times and is waiting for us to crack open the lunch. We did not feed it, but it still hung out by us anyway.

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11


3 Responses to “The Daily Snap – July 22”

  1. Awe so cute, the marmot and Sam 😉 beautiful scenery too, we have never been there before but might have to make a trip.

  2. Reminds me of “I saw this great scene, but there was a deer in the way”. And the title? “The Daily Marmot!” too funny!

  3. Stephane Says:

    That marmot looks ready to attack! Do you carry a marmot knife? Or just one for cougars?

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