Travel Photo Contest – Eleanor Marsh

Eleanor Marsh

©Eleanor Marsh

In 2001 I traveled to Canada for 12 months, and now almost 10 years later, I am proud to call Canada my second home. Every year or two I travel back to Australia, and become something of a tourist in my native country. This image was captured during one of the worst fly plagues to beset the southern tip of mainland Australia in 2007. Many of my images from this particular road trip ended up revealing the ass end of a fly; sitting on my lens just at the moment of capture! Grrrr. Like many tourists I traveled along the Great Ocean Road, a winding stretch of road hugging the coastline of south west Victoria for 243km, stopping along the way to capture various perspectives of the famous 12 Apostles located in Port Campbell National Park. This section of the park is known as Gibson’s Steps, referring to the 100’s of steps cut into the cliff face (camera right) by the early white settlers of Australia, providing access to the beach several hundred feet below. From the footprints in the sand, many people had traveled before me to gaze in awe at the sea stacks that over the years have eroded and collapsed to the point that there is now only 7 of them remaining along this amazing stretch of coastline.


3 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Eleanor Marsh”

  1. I really like the footprints in the photograph. It almost makes it more of an interactive viewing experience. Sometimes “pristine” nature shots can make the setting seem more distant.

  2. Beautiful image Eleanor, thank you for sharing. The colour palette in this scene is great and I love this fresh perspective on a much photographed landscape icon. Well done!

  3. Great photo Eleanor. I like the colors and layers. The footprints really add to the composition.

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