Travel Photo Contest – Tom Stephens

Tom Stephens

©Tom Stephens

This is my impression of kids at play on a late summer evening in Riverside Park, New York City. The young soccer players were totally absorbed in their game — and apparently oblivious to the gorgeous light! The sun setting across the Hudson River and the high vantage point above the playground made an irresistible combination. The solidly planted coach in the foreground contrasts with the players, who seem almost airborne thanks to the long shadows.

Technical stuff: Pentax *ist DS, f6.3, 1/200 sec, ISO 200.


4 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Tom Stephens”

  1. John Arnold Says:

    Great shot! I like the extra warmth that appears to be added to the scene and the balance in the placement of the players in the picture space.

  2. JIm Robertson Says:

    Nice shot Tom !!

    (As usual)

  3. This is the type of photo I really admire. I like the long shadow. This photo somehow reminds me Andor Kertesz. Great shot!

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