Travel Photo Contest – Prashant Khapane

Prashant Khapane

©Prashant Khapane

I have never been comfortable photographing people. Especially people back home. All the street/people photographers I appreciate are very comfortable with it. They are also talented individuals who bring out the character and a story behind. I finally made up my mind after all these years and started interacting with people, getting to know them. This was made a small village temple in India. The whole village is known for the fierce nature of the people, they are proud of what they are and battle against the sugarcane factory owners for the rights also originated here. People worship the Goddess and think she provides the power to fight for them for what is right. I met this old woman, homeless and outcast from her family, in the very same temple. She sweeps the floor of a temple and sleeps in the veranda. After few years when the family got to know this they tried to take her back to avoid public humiliation but she refused and continues to live in the temple. I thought in some way she represented the whole village and its attitude.  Equipment: 500D, 50mm Carl Zeiss ZE T*, iso400.


One Response to “Travel Photo Contest – Prashant Khapane”

  1. I just love her face!! So weathered and textured.

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