Travel Photo Contest – Ben Goddard

Ben Goddard

©Ben Goddard

I’ve been traveling now for almost 2 years. The first stop on my trip was Sri Lanka. It wasn’t planned but Bangkok airport was closed due to being occupied by government protesters. My best friend and I had been climbing the holy Adam’s Peak, where people make religious pilgrimages to the summit to pray since 3am and arrived at the summit shortly after the most incredible sunrise of my life. There were crowds of monks and people praying at the single, small chapel that sits on top. I found myself exploring and meeting this young boy who lived on top. With no mutual language between us except a love of chocolate we sat there and both admired the view from what seemed the roof of the world. After all, the main thing I’ve learned since traveling is that it’s not necessarily the places you go that make your trip, but the people you meet there.


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