Travel Photo Contest – Lee Sacrey

Lee Sacrey

©Lee Sacrey

Being originally from Newfoundland and Labrador (currently living in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories) this summer my family and I traveled to “The Rock” but rather than travel to my home province and do the usual, this year we went as tourists. We were able to spend more time site seeing and traveling to places we rarely or never before visited. One of those places was Petty Harbour. Petty Harbour is a place we have heard about many times but for some reason we never visited. So, while driving on Newfoundland’s Avalon coast we came upon the sign for Petty Harbour. Without a plan or a second thought we turned our rent a car toward the small outport community. The sun was beginning to set and the clouds made for an interesting sky. As we crossed a bridge over a river we saw a street sign for Lee’s Lane (surely it was named for me, lol). The Lane was maybe 150 meters long and ended facing the north Atlantic. I had to get a photo of what lie in front of us. So standing only a few feet from the front of our rent-a-car and only a few feet away from the river which flowed direct into the ocean ahead, I captured this image of Petty Harbour. The scene seemed to reach out to me, the way the river was drawing my eye ahead toward the fishing boats and then beyond through the harbour to the ocean, I loved what I saw. I am in awe of what you may find just from being adventurous, traveling with no real plan for where you go or what lies ahead. I hope others like it as much as I do.


One Response to “Travel Photo Contest – Lee Sacrey”

  1. Excellent Image Lee! The comp naturally leads your eye into the picture.

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