Travel Photo Contest – Lori Jezowski

Lori Jezowski

©Lori Jezowski

This photo is of a Tribeswoman from the Black Mahong Tribe in SaPa Vietnam. Myself and 3 other ladies ventured to Vietnam a couple of years ago, and did we see a lot, we started in the south Ho Chi Mihn City and saw everything in between, all the way north to Hanoi. We were on planes, trains, automobiles and Junk boats. I must say we did it up good.

We spent some time in the village of SaPa, (the highest point in Vietnam, pretty much in the clouds) where there are five different tribes, the lady in the photo was in Cat Cat Village, she was doing here darndest to sell me a set of hand crafted pure silver earrings. This is one of my favorite photos from my trip, her face tells the story, so much character! The whole time we were in SaPa I had the feeling that I was on a National Geographic tour, the people from all the tribes were so friendly, not mention they spoke fluent English which made it all the more exciting. They would invite us to sit with them at there homes. Of course they always had some handmade wares for us to look at too!


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