Travel Photo Contest – Srividya Narasimhan

Srividya Narasimhan

Srividya Narasimhan

When I visited the lavender farm in the morning, I saw the potential for a good photograph as the rows of lavender seemed to lead me to the mountain. I decided to come back to the farm later in the evening as I thought that the pastel shades of the Eastern sky behind Mt. Shasta would serve as a perfect complement to the lavender fields. Moreover, lavender has a fragrance that is very relaxing (thus used in aromatherapy) and I wanted the viewer to experience the same sense of relaxation. Luckily for me, a pastel sky at sunset gave me the photograph that I had imagined.

I used a 3 stop graduated ND to balance the exposure difference between the light on the mountain and the lavender rows that were completely in the shade. I also used a color-combo filter to bring out the colors. As the DoF needed was great, I used a very small aperture (Nikon D3, 24-70mm lens @ 58mm, ISO 200, f18 @ 20s).


2 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Srividya Narasimhan”

  1. Beautiful shot. The mountain in the background really does it here. Great work!!!!

  2. wow, what a Super Beautiful Setting and photograph.

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