Travel Photo Contest – Stefanie Giglio

Stefanie Giglio

©Stefanie Giglio

I took this photo in Chirombo Village, near Money Bay, in Malawi. I was photographing a local fisherman in his canoe, or “bwato.” My lights attracted a large group of kids, who kept jumping in front of my camera. After asking permission from the bwato’s owner, I photographed the children one by one in the boat.

I like this one because she is staring so intently at the viewer, almost as if challenging them. In this series, there are children laughing, children looking shy, and children looking very strong and self-confident. Each one really captures what I saw in each personality in the hour that I spent photographing them. Showing these kids playing is not a view of Africa that many Westerners get to see. It’s almost as if this girl is challenging the viewers to see something different, something bright and beautiful and hopeful, in the rest of the series. You can see more from the series as well as a larger version (edited slightly different) here.

One Response to “Travel Photo Contest – Stefanie Giglio”

  1. Her look is so intense. I really love this image as well as the others in this series.

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