Travel Photo Contest – Alan Olson

Alan Olson

©Alan Olson

This is a photograph of the City Dock Marina located in Bayfield, WI and it almost didn’t happen. My wife and I were on the west side of the Bayfield Peninsula hoping to get some nice sunset shots over Lake Superior but it was not to be with the cloud cover. We drove back and ended up walking around downtown Bayfield for an hour or so. I was pretty much ready to call it a night but having brought the tripod along, was determined to find something to photograph and the boats and the lights were too much to pass up. Moral of the story, if you bring your tripod on vacation, make sure you use it. Exposure: 10.0 sec, Aperture: f/11.0, Focal Length: 35mm, ISO 200


3 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Alan Olson”

  1. I like the stars and the reflection of this picture.

  2. jackvjohnson Says:

    Alan, this reminded me of a very similar shot I made in Bayfield – I finally processed it for my monthly wallpaper (

    When did you shoot this? (Mine was 22 May 2009.) Just wondering if we happened to be there around the same time! :^D

    – Jack

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