Travel Photo Contest – Alexandre Buisse

Alexandre Buisse

©Alexandre Buisse

This was shot on the Punta Union pass, which at 4850m is the highest point in the hugely popular Santa Cruz trek in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. The mountain in the background is Nevado Taulliraju, first ascended by the legendary French mountaineer (of Annapurna and Makalu fame) Lionel Terray. I like this photo because it expresses perfectly what the trek is all about: it is in a magical and very impressive mountain environment, you get to interact with locals in the villages passed along the way, but it is also quite comfortable since all your luggage is carried for you by donkeys, horses or even llamas, and when you arrive at the end of a hard day of walking, camp is already set up and delicious food on the way. Maybe less adventurous, but certainly more pleasant!


3 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Alexandre Buisse”

  1. Very nicely photographed scene. I love the inclusion of the grasses, they allow for a real progression through the image. There is so much detail in the rock face and in the mules to enjoy. Great work.

  2. Those colorful parcels on the donkeys are so typical of Peru aren’t they. What a neat sight. It feels like an adventure just looking at this and seeing those amazing rugged mountains looming up behind.

  3. Beautiful composition, grass, mountain, donkey, everything is at the right place.

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