Travel Photo Contest – Robert Ardinger

Robert Ardinger

©Robert Ardinger

Deranged penguin, Antarctica, 2005. It was cold, snowing and I was lying in penguin poop (deranged photographer?). I learned that to get nice clean pictures of penguins it worked well to photograph them as they came up from the water (they tend to mark their nests and fellow penguins with jets of pink poop). I found a spot that was close to where their trail was, got comfy and waited for them to walk by. Nikon DX camera, 340mm (zoom and teleconverter).


2 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Robert Ardinger”

  1. Lying in penguin poop? Now that’s dedication! Awesome. Your planning and patience really paid off.

  2. LOVE this! My, oh my, what we endure for a great photograph! 🙂

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