Travel Photo Contest – Bill Speaks

Bill Speaks

©Bill Speaks

Located on the Navajo Reservation east of Tuba City, AZ., Coal Mine Canyon is like a mini-Bryce – without the crowds. Over the course of several days of hiking and visiting rock art and archeology sites in the area, I repeatedly returned to the canyon hoping to get a sunrise or sunset shot. Returning from Tuba City to the Hopi Lands of the Third Mesa one evening, my wife and I stopped to have a picnic and enjoy the quiet and beauty of the canyon. As sunset neared, a storm formed near the mouth of the canyon. Seeing the opportunity to use my Lightning Trigger, I quickly setup the composition anticipating that lightning would occur at the front of the storm. One of several strikes captured, the photo captures the wildness, beauty and mystical nature of the American Southwest. Even more importantly, I was able to share the experience with the love of my life. Tech Stuff (sorta): 1/4th sec, f11, Canon 20mm, Lightning Trigger, Luck and some foolishness

5 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Bill Speaks”

  1. How wild! That sky and landscape is certainly dramatic and very beautiful.

  2. Wow. Love the drama! Great capture.

  3. wow Bill, you really got the light on this one!
    I’ve been by that place driving but it was overcast and flat light.
    happy the lightning trigger did the trick, super photo!

  4. I wish I was there standing with my camera…

  5. You capture a unique moment! Very nice!

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