Travel Photo Contest – Mylan Dawson

Mylan Dawson

©Mylan Dawson

I was in the Netherlands earlier this year which coincided with the Icelandic volcano eruption. The enormous release of ash into the air really disrupted travel and many of my compatriots on the trip were scrambling to find a way to get home. The locals referred to it as the great ash tray in the sky. The silver lining in these ash laden clouds was the the resulting skies were fantastic and very unique. This shot reminds me of all my friends (and the thousands of other travelers) trying so hard to find any means to get home while the ash streaked across Europe’s skies.


6 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Mylan Dawson”

  1. This is a vey interesting shot! I love the color of the car against the sky!

  2. Certainly an image about feeling oh so small!

  3. Pat Kerrigan Says:

    Way to go Mylan; love this photo!

  4. Very cool shot, I love the cloud formation

  5. Love this shot! The small red car give a sense of space.

  6. Oh this is just too cool

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