The Daily Snap – August 4

©Darwin Wiggett

All the storms passing through Alberta lately have given photographers great opportunities. I went out the other day after supper looking for some storm light and I got it close to home and I even had a willing subject for a foreground! I used a Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer  (to enhance the rainbow) and a Singh-Ray 2-stop hard-step grad (to darken the sky) using my set-up for filters on the Canon G11.


7 Responses to “The Daily Snap – August 4”

  1. Great shot Darwin! I had a G10 and got rid of it. I think I should have kept it. Would like to see a G12 with faster optics – same zoom. I use an Fz35 right now.

  2. Darwin, the rays cutting the rain trails are amazing, and the depth of the rainbows, superb!!! Oh, and I’m sure Sherri would want me to say that the cow is nice too! 😉

  3. Great model . She’s quite the poser 😉 And LOVE LOVE LOVE that sky!

  4. Great shot Darwin, love the balance of the composition!

  5. Great capture love this scene.

  6. Beautiful image – I love the veil in the sky and the green carpet rolling into the hills.

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