The Winner of the Bar-U Photo Walk

For those who were wondering which photo was chosen from our Bar-U Historic Ranch Photo walk well the winner is Chris Martin for the image below which we thought best captured the mood and the feel of the place.

©Chris Martin

For those who want to see lots of great photos from the walk check out the Bar-U Flickr Group. And if you want to see loads and loads of photos from the Worldwide Photo Walk check out The Worldwide Flickr group.


4 Responses to “The Winner of the Bar-U Photo Walk”

  1. Great choice!! That window projection on the floor is the cornerstone to this wonderfully composed image. The individual colours and items all come together beautifully as a whole. The post work is superb. Congrats Chris. A well deserved honour. Pete

  2. […] Annual Photo Walk from our visit on July 24th, 2010 to the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site.  Click here to see the winning image posted on Darwin’s blog.  Both Darwin and I were impressed with the […]

  3. What a great surprise!

    Thank you Pete for your kind words. And thank you to Sam and Darwin for setting up the Bar U walk and making it a very fun trip. I had a great time and met some very nice people. I loved seeing the way people photographed the same location on the Flickr site.

    Next year I’m not going to schedule a rodeo shoot in the afternoon and I’ll be able to stick around for a beer afterwards.



  4. Great photograph, it certainly did look like it captured the mood

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