The Daily Snap – August 5

©Darwin Wiggett

I couldn’t resist. Here is another shot of  ‘some cows under a rainbow’. This was taken at the same time as I took yesterday’s snap with the same filters; a Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer to soup up colours in the rainbow, and a Singh-Ray 2-stop-hard-edge grad to darken the sky (more mood and drama). If this isn’t an Alberta scene, I don’t know what is – wait maybe this is?


6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – August 5”

  1. Pierre Dunant Says:

    Ouch. Mention Alberta to me as I was growing up, and my first thoughts were of the Stampede and the Rockies. This morning’s post struck a sour chord; while those two original images still resonate within me, a third one now accompanies them: oil. Now that I think about it, oil stains many of my thoughts about the places I love: the Arctic, the Oceans, and that idyllic province where the prairies reach westward and up to the sky.

  2. Love the calmness in this shot

  3. Love this photograph, the rainbow in the background makes it even more spectacular, truly is Alberta, at least one of the things I love about Alberta. 🙂

  4. Me like: loads of good stuff happening from the alignment and positioning of the cows in the image to the rainbow direction of travel.

    Great shot; well crafted.

  5. Beautiful. Funny how the cows couldn’t be more unimpressed, eh? 😉

  6. nurmans, aries Says:

    why they all lookin’ at you.. with sharp look..?
    I’have one question, can you create same photo or great photos without filters..?

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