Weekly Photo – August 20

©Darwin Wiggett

This image was shot at Squanga Lake in the Yukon using my Canon EOS-1ds Mark III and a 24mm TS-E lens. I also used a Singh-Ray 5-stop solid ND filter to lengthen exposure time to 20 seconds to get streaking in the clouds.


10 Responses to “Weekly Photo – August 20”

  1. Lovely shot Darwin

  2. wow! I love the effect, great shot!

  3. Beautiful mood, Darwin! I bet it was an amazing trip. Hope all is well with you guys.

  4. Darwin I find that the streaking in clouds is becoming predictable and excessive and bit boring. My opinion….! LOVE YOUR WORK AND PASSION.

    • If you think the streaking in my photos is bad, you should see the streaking in my undies! 😉

    • I find that hollow criticisms of great art via the internet is becoming predictable and excessive and bit boring. But that’s just my opinion. Everybody has one!

      Darwin, maybe you can clone out those beautiful cloud movements and colors in the sky and replace them with some nice, steady, non-moving, obese, toilet-paper commercial style cumulus clouds… I think I have some saved as clip art. That would make this image very unpredictable, moderate and exciting!

      ok, ok, the horse is dead…

  5. I like the long exposure’d clouds. They look so fast, and the water peaceful. Looking at this I feel like I could sit on that pier and watch a show in the sky overhead.

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