The Daily Snap – Aug 21

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

People wondered how we traveled up to the Yukon… well in absolute luxury of course! Check out our ride and our spiffy packing system. Are we cool or what? Here Sam does her best Vanna White with a VW bug at Inn on the Lake near Whitehorse, Yukon


8 Responses to “The Daily Snap – Aug 21”

  1. I like the touch of the old steamer trunk……..makes the image.

  2. Peter Errmann Says:

    Good grief, that old suitcase works really well up there in the rain!

  3. Nice old “Bug”! Makes me feel kind of nostalgic. One of my first cars was a beige 62. Mine had surf racks and back in the day it got me (and usually a few surf buddies) to and from many a great So Cal surf spot. Cowabunga!

  4. Great pic. I have always wanted one of those only in blue!

  5. Awesome! I took a summer vacation with my dad and older brother in 1969 when I was 8 and we drove over 1000 miles in dads VW Bug!

  6. Sean Bateman Says:

    and where did the camera gear go? Glad to have you back home safe & sound. We’re enjoying the new photos-since we’ve never been to the Yukon,will be our guided tour. Thanks!!!

  7. vicente machado Says:

    Hi, David:

    Trip to Yukon, in a WV bug without plate…
    Is that allowed ? Never mind.
    The important is we have one more photo that shows us your photographic ability.

    Best regards.

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