The Daily Snap – August 24

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Caribou Lake  in the Marsh Lake region of Yukon Terrritory. Sam and I went on a little 6 km mountain bike ride to visit Caribou Lake. We were lucky that even in mid-morning the light was still really nice for intimate landscape photography. No filters, no tripod, just a simple point-n-shoot shot.


3 Responses to “The Daily Snap – August 24”

  1. Very nice photo.

  2. Nice image, Darwin. Sometimes it is a pleasure to make a “no frills” image with the most basic of stuff.

    Question – I have had my G11 for ~3 months or so. I use LR3 to process the raw files from the camera. I have been really disappointed in the color and noise levels (even at the lowest ISO settings; I have never taken anything at over 400 ISO). I have seen some references to others who claim that one must use the Canon software to process the RAW images in order to get the best color & lowest levels of noise. I can usually get there with LR, but even using the camera profiles it seems to take quite a bit of work to get the colors and noise to an acceptable place.

    Do you mind indicating which software you use for this and if you have noticed any issues in this area.

    Thanks and glad you guys made it back from the Yukon. Hard to go too long without a good dose of Daily Snap.

  3. You gotta ‘expose to the right’ with the G11. You know get the histogram as far too the right as possible without clipping highlights. I have my camera set at default to + 1/3 exposure compensation to facilitate moving the histogram to the right. Often I have to go even further and use +2/3’s exposure compensation. Canon likes to make their cameras expose so the photo on the LCD looks great (slightly underexposed). This gives noisy files. Expose right and you LCD will look washed out but your photos will be way less noisy. Be sure to use your histogram to help you judge proper exposure.

    I use Camera Raw in CS-5 to process my photos (which is the same engine a in LR3).


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