The Daily Snap – August 28

Darwin's little dream home (a bit of a fixer upper) in the Yukon

Darwin's idea of a pimped Yukon ride.

Sam's idea of the ultimate Yukon home!


5 Responses to “The Daily Snap – August 28”

  1. You have the ability of capturing the spirit of the Yukon in these and all the others but you’ve also captured your soul in them as well.

  2. Great pics. I love their vibrancy. The old cabin is a wonderful find, to thinkof the stories it could tell…but I’m definitly partial to Sam’s choice. 🙂 The old truck is fabulous though. I’ll take it.

  3. I’m with Sam!

  4. I think Sherri would agree with Darwin, but I am more inline with Sam, as long as I didn’t have to water the flowers…
    I see Darwin’s pickup has an auxiliary fuel tank, for those extended shooting expeditions. 😉

  5. Haha, love this

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