Great New Book – Will of the Land

Below is a video trailer for a great new book by Alberta wildlife photographer Peter Dettling. I’ll let the trailer tease you with what the book is all about. All I can say is I was lucky enough to see an advanced draft and the photos are incredible for the unique moments they capture (some samples are shown in the video). And the message of the book is controversial. A sure-fire read. Get it when it comes out!


4 Responses to “Great New Book – Will of the Land”

  1. Looks like a great book, but I couldn’t find it on Amazon or RMB website.

  2. I’ll look forward to this book (I hope you’ll remind me when it comes out in October 🙂 ) and thank you for introducing me to this wonderful photographer. I spent some very pleasurable time perusing his photos and paintings.

  3. Wow! Perfect marketing, the trailer is great, I’m looking forward to that book, amazing pictures. Would be great to see him as a speaker at the PhotoExpo in Calgary!

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