The Essentials of Digital Landscape Photography

My on-line course entitled The Essentials of Digital Landscape Photography: Field Techniques starts today (Sept 1, 2010). How does an online course work? Every week on Wednesday you get a PDF to download that has the current lesson. Read through the lesson and the assignment that follows. Then sometime during the  the week do the photography assignment and post your images to the classroom forum for my critique of your assignment. You can view and comment on other student’s work  and as well they can comment on your work. Anytime during the course you can ask questions in the classroom forum and I am there as your ‘guru of answers’ (please don’t make the questions too hard though!!!). In essence you have me as you online mentor for six weeks.

I cover many of the topics that you need to master to capture great shots in the field like equipment essentials for outdoor and nature photography, essential camera settings, understanding and using your histogram, how to pick the right aperture and shutter speed for any scenario, how to see contrast like your camera, how to manipulate light to capture scenes like the human eye sees them ,and all sorts of special techniques like painting with time, infinite depth-of-field, fill flash, light-painting, filtration, diffusion, and selective focus. These are the tried and true techniques I use to make my photographs. If you are interested in signing up simply go here to find out more.

©Darwin Wiggett


6 Responses to “The Essentials of Digital Landscape Photography”

  1. Darwin,
    I’m in this class and looking forward to taking advantage of this time for critique and some “focused learning” as it were. I thought it would be a good prep and practice for taking advantage of a workshop/trip next year.


  2. The photograph here is exquisite!

  3. I’ve taken Darwin’s online class in the past. It is, without a doubt, the best photography learning experience I have had. The lessons are thorough, informative and clear. The critiques are incredibly constructive and Darwin had enormous patience in answering all of my questions. I have recommended the class to anyone that is looking into it and have never heard anyone have anything less than a stellar experience.

  4. I totally agree. I have taken an online course by Darwin too and I really appreciated the instruction and the critiques. You can’t do wrong with it and is better than buying another piece of gear.

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