Prizes Announced for Harvest Moon Workshop Registrants

Hi all! Just a quick note to inform you of new prizes we have for those who plan to sign up to our Harvest Moon Photo Workshop on Oct. 21-24 in Banff National Park. We are encouraging early registration for the event so that we get the rooms we want for our participants, and we have placed a cap of 30 participants to keep a small instructor-to-student ratio. Baker Creek is holding our rooms until September 15th but can’t guarantee spots for participants after that date. So here is your incentive not to wait until the last minute to sign up!  Get free stuff just for registering.  We’ll announce the winners at the workshop.

1st person to sign up gets a 20 inch canvas print from Darwin (that’s me) worth $350 (We already have a winner for this one!)

13th person to sign up gets a $250 gift certificate from our sponsor, The Camera Store in Calgary plus a copy of my sold-out book How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies.

27th Person to sign up gets a $250 gift certificate from The Camera Store in Calgary.

For more information and to download a PDF about the event see this link. And remember to tell a friend!

©Darwin Wiggett - Herbert Lake, Banff National Park


6 Responses to “Prizes Announced for Harvest Moon Workshop Registrants”

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  4. Tareq Alhamrani Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the link. Still i didn’t arrange for my travel to Canada yet, so if i can arrange everything or most of it before 15 Sept then i will be interested in to join, but if things seems going late to plan then i wish the group best luck, i will try to be around there myself if i can do it, and maybe i see you people around somewhere there i hope.


  5. Kirk Barron Says:

    I am hoping to join you guys on this photo workshop, I am a big Fan of Darwin work. I sent email the other nite was wondering where I register at and equipment and stuff I need.

    I am just wainting as well as approvel for my time off from work request, hoping to hear about that tonight.

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