The Daily Snap – September 3

©Darwin Wiggett

When it is a gray colourless day and the light is blah how do you make a more interesting shot? Two ways; one, turn the photo into a B+W and work with the natural monochrome look. Or two, slap on the Singh-Ray Gold-n-Blue polarizer and colour the reflective highlights in the scene with a sheen of blue or gold. Here the polarizer not only blued-up the water, it added lots of warmth to the sky and to the foreground rock which in the end gave me a ‘keeper’. This is Kathleen Lake in Kluane National Park in the Yukon Territory.


4 Responses to “The Daily Snap – September 3”

  1. Trevor Prangley Says:

    Just my two cents. The greenish yellow on the rock and too bright blue look unnatural on an overcast day. Also why is the upper left corner of the sky red when the right side is neutral? It makes the sky look wrong. Not a criticism just an observation. Is this an HDR?

    • The photo is not meant to look natural. Nothing looks like this on an overcast day… unless you are on mushrooms! 😉

      The wonky uneven colour cast is due to the filter. Some people hate this filter, some love it – I just posted it the photo to show what is does. You as the photographer decide if the effect turns you on or off. Simple eh?


  2. Hi Darwin!

    Love the blog. I recently got a B/G polarizer from Singh Ray and still riding the learning curve.

    Can you explain how the polarizer both added blue to the water and gold to the clouds? My impression is that it only did one or the other? Or am I missing something? 😦

    For white balance (it seems like a mucky magenta straight out of camera) are you taking a sample from the clouds?

    Thanks in advance,

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