Weekly Photo – September 3

©Darwin Wiggett

As Samantha and I were driving towards Haines Junction, Yukon the cloudy sky we experienced all day started to part just enough to let some warm sunset light filter through the clouds. I grabbed my Canon 1ds Mark III camera, a tripod and a Canon 300mm F4L lens and shot three overlapping exposures at 1/50th at f11 to create this panorama in Photoshop CS-5. To see a big detailed version click on the photo.


10 Responses to “Weekly Photo – September 3”

  1. Hi Darwin
    Just a stupid question for you. Without using your TS-E lens, how did you get things to line up so perfectly? I tried several shots like that when I was in Banff a couple of years ago and using PS Elements didn’t have a lot of luck. In the panoramic picture you could see where the edges of each photo didn’t line up exactly. Do you use a special mount on your tripod, or just pan from side to side and keep your fingers crossed??!

  2. I use a Really Right Stuff BH-55 PCL ball head (has a dedicated panning base) to help keep in making more accurate panoramas. The tripod was quickly leveled before taking the photo. I have found that a level tripod, a panning base on the tripod head and the use of Photomerge in Photoshop CS-4 or CS-5 makes panos like this work out almost every time. You do have to keep exposures between the frames exactly the same.

    TSE lenses make the amount of lost image area much less than when swinging a lens. So when I do not use my tilt shifts (Canon does not make a 300mm TSE lens yet!) I just use the PCL head, a level tripod, 30% overlap of images, and Photomerge in Photoshop. Hope that helps.


  3. Great image! I love the depth.

  4. I did read the information about taking panoramas on the RRS website and they say it is important to have the point of rotation under the center of the lens. Do you care about this or do you put your camera on the ball head with the L-plate, slap the lens on the body and shoot?

  5. Great shot Darwin, I love the layers of mountains here!

  6. Beautiful image, love the way the sunlit clouds are hanging over the mountains.

  7. Wow, I really like that scene! its what really makes photography for me, shots like that are like being there, thanks for sharing the details of making it. I’m envious, you folks get to see some great country, thanks again for sharing it through the Lens….

    Evan Spellman

  8. Beautiful shot, very dramatic as well.

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