The Daily Snap – September 7

┬ęDarwin Wiggett

The view of Dawson City, Yukon from Midnight Dome looking off towards the Yukon River and the Top of the World Highway (the road on the hill on the right side of the frame).


7 Responses to “The Daily Snap – September 7”

  1. Great shot! Doesn’t this scene look inviting? Great job.

  2. Beautiful view, love the lighting

  3. The view is fantastic!

  4. Amazing view, and rare, too — looking off into the fading distance, it does look like the top of the world.

  5. theintangibleinsanity Says:

    Beautiful photo, umm…excuse me but could I use your photo for my geography project?

  6. theintangibleinsanity Says:

    Beautiful photo, umm… excuse me, may I use your photo in my geography project?

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