The Daily Snap – September 9

©Darwin Wiggett

This photo is from August 19, 2008. Check it out, prime fall colours in August! Here Brando surveys a view in Tombstone Territorial Park along the Dempster highway in the Yukon. I almost always have a point-n-shoot around my neck even while shooting with my dSLR just for cases like this, a quick grab shot where I need to react fast.


6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – September 9”

  1. So beautiful – the scene and Brando. Your point and shoot did a pretty admirable job of this!

  2. Gorgeous. Brando looks so engaged. Did he see a rabbit? ;.)

  3. Brando adds another point of interest in what otherwise would just be another beautiful landscape photo! He almost looks 3 dimensional!
    Nice shot!

  4. Sweet shot Darwin. Howdy fella!

  5. Great photograph, adding Brando to the scene really makes it more interesting.

  6. I love this carpet of reds and yellows — beautiful rich landscape.

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