The Daily Snap – September 10

©Darwin Wiggett

The mighty Dempster Highway, the only road to Canada’s Arctic, is 671 kilometer road starting just outside of Dawson City Yukon and terminating in Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. This is one of the great wilderness roads in the world and it frowns darkly on the unprepared. If you want to photograph the amazing scenery here be sure you have all the necessary survival gear with you in your vehicle as well as plenty of spare gas and spare tires. And the mosquitoes can be the size of small birds, so bring extra blood as well!


4 Responses to “The Daily Snap – September 10”

  1. Stephane Hachey Says:

    That sounds like a fun trip, I may look into that…..

  2. “…extra blood…” Yikes!

  3. Very cool! My wife and I both loved reading the article about the Dempster Highway.

  4. It looks nothing like that mean highway John described after his recent trip. Guess you were nicer than he was so the hwy showed his good side 🙂

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