Outdoor Photography Canada – Fall/Winter 2010

I was so pleased to see the latest issue of Outdoor Photography Canada because one of my favorite photographers and good buddy, Wayne Simpson has the cover shot (see photo below) and he also a nice big spread in the magazine. Congratulations Wayne!

Also featured in the latest issue is another good friend and co-presenter in the Snap! Photography Seminars, John Marriott with a great piece on The Best Wildlife Locations in Canada that Nobody Knows About.

And a sweet bonus is a lovely shot from a regular reader and participant of this blog Quincey Deters. Quincey won the grand prize in the OPC Spring Photo contest. Be sure to enter the latest photo contest in the magazine to get some fine prizes!

And finally at the Snap! Photography Seminar that was held in April this year, editor Roy Ramsay picked a photo from Corry-Lyn O’Hara as the best photo submitted for critique. You can see her shot on page 9!

©Wayne Simpson


8 Responses to “Outdoor Photography Canada – Fall/Winter 2010”

  1. That is one fine looking cover shot. The light colored canoe leads u right into the image……just a great shot.

  2. Darwin, your article was quite interesting as well. Great food for thought! I’m on a fixed income so it stops me from buying everything new, but I probably would if I could! I’m really happy with the gear I have and after two years with my current camera, I think I’m finally getting to understand it a bit better!

  3. Thanks again Darwin! It would have been a long time coming without your inspiration and support. I really appreciate all that you and Sam do for the photography community.


  4. Darcy O'Hara Says:

    Darwin, Also the “Hotshot” photo was discovered at the SNAP! workshop in Canmore. Which was taken by my beautiful wife Corry-Lyn. Thanks to all of you at SNAP and to Roy as well.


  5. Darwin, your photo above is particularly meaningful to me. I have just gotten back from a camping trip in Rhode Island where I stay on a lake that looked very much like the one in this picture. Every morning I would get up at dawn and walk 30 feet from my cabin to hte waters edge to first fish and then take a few photos.

    If I had had a canoe with me this could have been an exact replica of my recent experience.

    Thanks also for sharing Corry-Lyn’s stuff. great work.

  6. What a sweet dreamy shot! Congrats to Wayne for the cover and to the other great photogs featured!

  7. Great Photo, I’ll have to look for the issue. Love the magazine and would like to see it more often. . .

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