The Daily Snap – September 17

©Darwin Wiggett

This is another Daily Snap that I took while walking the dog along the Bow River at sunrise. The great thing about dogs if they force you to go out in the morning even if you stayed up late in the night. If I did not have a dog, I probably would have slept in and missed a wonderful misty walk along the river. I love point-n-shoot cameras because they are small enough to always have in my coat pocket so I do not miss any opportunities while out for a stroll. If you look closely there is an osprey in the big tree.

5 Responses to “The Daily Snap – September 17”

  1. Just another reason why I love mornings the best. Don’t subscribe to the dog theory yet, but might need it when I get older. A beautiful start to the day.

  2. I heard that the ospreys like to nest around the new Toyota dealership. Unfortunately someone also told me that they would be migrating soon…

  3. I am often amazed at the quality and beauty of your daily “snaps”. I admire your discipline in carrying the Canon point and shot. I suspect you also carry a polarizer and some grads and at times a tripod? How do you carry this gear to keep it protected and handy for shooting? I have an older G-9.

    Thanks for keeping up the great work! :o)

  4. Oh Snap, Indeed Darwin! This is a great capture. I can’t make out the osprey very well but it still adds to the image.

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