The Grand Prairie Photography Club – more images

If you have been following the posts over the last few days then you know this is the fifth in the series of participants assignment photos from our PhotoCram Weekend Workshop in Grand Prairie. If you missed the previous posts here they are: POST 1, POST 2, POST 3, POST 4. Stay tuned Sam has one more post coming on on her blog.

Murray's Photo

Wes' Photo

Jo-Anne's Photo

And finally… in tribute to the hardest working president of a camera club, we present Heather jumping for joy I am sure she was thinking “Thank God this is over, I am never organizing anything like this again!!”

Michele's Photo


One Response to “The Grand Prairie Photography Club – more images”

  1. Heather would die if she knew you put her photo up here. Oh well, she’d probably kill me first for taking it! She is certainly a very hard working Prez and she deserves ALL the recognition! Thanks, Darwin and Sam, for an amazing photo weekend!!

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