Here is a really interesting link from Susan Bryce an Australian portrait photographer showing her models before the shoot and after in the finished photo. Remember this link when you see your favorite celebrity looking all beautiful. Heck, even I could look great in a Susan Bryce portrait!

The 2010 Blurb Photography Book Now Photo Book award winners have been announced. I was prepared to be blown away by crazy amazing design and wonderful photography… hmmm. Maybe it is just me, or maybe I am old — tell me what you think.

Don’t forget to enter the 2010 Travel Photographer of the Year Contest. You have 19 days left from today! Trust me, my win from 2008 changed the path of my career. You can’t win if you do not enter!

For some really cool photography of New York check out James Maher’s blog.

Mitch Diamond and Greg Ackerman have announced a new website called Ethereal Vision – check it out to be inspired! Mitch has been featured here as a photographer of the month.

Check out Scott Linstead’s review of the fastest and most powerful flash for high-speed applications.

Greener World’s Photography’s interview with me

Samantha’s Photo Coach.


5 Responses to “Miscellania”

  1. The only book I found somehow interesting and that I might buy from the blurb books would be the Yakuza book, mainly because I think the topic is interesting and some of these pictures look pretty nice to considering the small size of the preview.

    The book about Barcelona is pretty weird. It’s an amazing city and I’m sure there’s a bit more to photograph than the usual holiday snapshot, but the design of the shots and the book is pretty confusing to me, there’s no line, just fragments, didn’t even flick through the whole book.

    Guess you spoiled me with your blurb books.

  2. 2010 Photo blurb. You’re kidding right. Sorry they leave me cold. I’m with you!

  3. Some photographs are intended to delight your eye. Some photographs are intended to stimulate your mind. Some photographs try to stimulate your heart. Conceptual photography is the only “worthy” style in some circles. In those circles, “beautiful” images are shunned because they have already been done and offer “nothing new” Hopefully the pendulum will swing back toward images that delight the eye. Great images can stimulate your eye, heart and mind.

  4. The Blurb books are just plain … well, I won’t say it. Nothing there that I’d have any desire to hang on my wall. I’m with you, Darwin.

  5. Re the NY pix … lots of really cool images. Very tastefully done. James is an excellent street photog.

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