The Daily Snap – September 20

©Darwin Wiggett

I am currently on my Fall Colours in the Rockies Photo tour and this year is shaping up to be fantastic for colours even if the weather has been spotty with rain and overcast and snow. But such conditions are perfect for intimate scenes like this with saturated colours and lots of soft light for detail across a wide tonal range. Who needs HDR with light like this? Also I always use a polarizer for this kind of shooting to remove any reflective highlights from the leaves and to saturate colours. Who needs the hue and saturation slider in Photoshop when a polarizer gives you real life saturation? If you want to see how I add a polarizer to the G11 go here.


2 Responses to “The Daily Snap – September 20”

  1. Fred Stanislaw Says:

    Darwin, I have a calibrated monitor and the colors appear flat and lifeless to me. I am sure it looked great in person but those colors are anything but vivid here at work. A little hue and saturation would help IMHO.

    HDR is for extreme ranges of highlight and shadow. It would be obvious not that one exposure would suffice. Is that a knock? LOL

    Too bad about the weather, it snowing a little farther north here in Hinton.

  2. Fred,

    where are your rose coloured glasses? Things look better on any monitor with them on your nose 😉


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