The Daily Snap – September 23

┬ęDarwin Wiggett

Fireweed at Rampart Ponds, Banff National Park, Alberta – a little bit dreamy looking, thanks to the Orton Effect.

One Response to “The Daily Snap – September 23”

  1. Hey there Darwin, hope all is well with you!
    The Autumn is pretty amazing eh!
    we have a lot of fireweed here along the coast, specially going along hwy 16 to the interior up to Prince George.
    The Reds really come out in contrast to the cotton like left overs on the plant–thanks for sharing this photo, you have so many wonderfull fall color photo’s on your daily pic, I should comment more, but this one really drew my interest.
    Evan Spellman
    PS the wife and I got a couple Nikon P7000 point and shoot camera’s for hiking and travel and so far it seems a pretty capable camera–here’s some of my shots on flickr–

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