The Daily Snap – September 26

©Darwin Wiggett

I just got back from my Fall Colours in the Rockies Tour. We had every kind of weather from rain, snow, fog, sun, clear, cloudy and windy. This shot was from the first day after it rained all night and then started to snow lightly in the morning. Here the trees in the background are sugar-coated with snow while the forest floor is wet from the rain. The leaf in the foreground reminds me of the Rolling Stones logo. I had to put the Canon G11 camera at ground level to get this shot. When the camera is on the ground I would not be able to see the LCD to compose the shot were it not for the tilt-swivel screen. I could never go back to a point-n-shoot without the tilting and swiveling screen! I used a polarizer on the G11 to really saturate these wet colours. Click on the photo to see a larger version.


3 Responses to “The Daily Snap – September 26”

  1. Nice one, have not thought about the ole Rolling Stones thing for awhile, cool!!

  2. I have the older G10 and that swivel screen is an amazing option . I did here the G11 is slower than the G10 so I am a little weary of upgrading .

    Great Picture, love the colors.


  3. Perry McKenna Says:

    Cool shot. It does look like the Stones tongue. Got to love the articulated screen.

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