The Daily Snap – Oct 1

©Darwin Wiggett

One of my favorite sunset spots along the Icefield Parkway is at the ‘fuzzy pond’ at the base of Observation Peak. After I made some big grand landscapes using my 1ds Mark III and my 24mm TSE lens, I decided to do some intimate landscape using the Canon G11. I used a polarizer on the G11 to make the sky richer in the reflection and had lots of fun trying various composition with this log that someone obviously had placed there previously (thanks for the prop unknown photographer!)


4 Responses to “The Daily Snap – Oct 1”

  1. wonderful shot.

  2. Darren Barclay Says:

    I shot sunset there Tuesday night. With the steady stream of traffic on the parkway and all the vehicles coming and going from the Peyto Lake viewpoint, I was pretty surprised that not one person stopped to watch the sun setting on the peaks. It’s a pretty picturesque little area.

  3. Beautiful use of line and colour contrast.

  4. great shot i should really get out of my own town and have a look at the rest of the south

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