The Weekly Photo – Oct 3

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon EOS-1ds Mark III

This week I am featuring one of the photos in the series nudes in the landscape that Sam and I worked on over the summer. I shot this one just like I shoot regular landscapes except instead of a rock or a flower in the foreground there is the human figure. I used my 24mm tilt-shift lens to get maximum depth-of-field from the model in the foreground to the distant hills in the background. As well, I used the shift feature to stitch two vertical 35mm images into a long thin vertical panorama. And finally I used a Singh-Ray 2-stop hard-edge grad over the sky to hold back the brightness of this section of the image. To learn more about photographing the nude in the landscape be sure to drop by the Digital Photo Expo today (Sunday Oct. 3, 2010) to hear our seminar.

2 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – Oct 3”

  1. Thanks for the insight on how you photographed this. I would not have thought to photograph it like if I was photographing a landscape but it makes perfect sense.

    I’m sorry that I missed your talk at the Photo Expo. Somehow, I got it fixed in my head that I was the weekend of the 16-17th… I have no idea why… Dang!

  2. Powerful photo, Darwin. I like the human element in the landscape.

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