The Daily Snap – October 5

©Darwin Wiggett

This is Larch Valley in Banff National Park from several days ago. The fall was short but colourful in the mountains this year and I could not end the season without a hike up to Larch Valley. This is a Canon G11 shot using a polarizer to saturate colours, and a 1-stop Singh-Ray hard-edge grad over the mountains to hold back the bright highlights in the snow. The day was calm and warm and lovely.


6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – October 5”

  1. Great landscape. The strong autumnal tones really make this picture.

  2. Damn! That is absolutely beautiful. In fact, it looks very much like where I live. Just replace the mountains with skyscrapers, the trees with port cranes and shipping containers, call that stream the St.Lawrence…
    I really love this shot, Darwin. It’s crisp and so full of texture, I can almost taste it.

  3. Wow, Beauty, you got that one perfect ! the flow of natural color is amazing!

  4. Beautiful shot Darwin! I like how you lined up the reflection…

    I kind of messed up fall this year. I went up to Bow Lake 2 weekends ago only to find that most of the colour on the shrubs up there had gone. On the way home on the Sunday, I saw that it looked like there was still a lot of colour in Kananaskis but by the time I got there this past weekend it was mostly gone too. I still got to shoot the larches in Kananaskis but the aspens where I went were bare. I should have been to Bow Lake the weekend before I went and to Kananaskis the weekend I went to Bow.

    I still got some nice fall shots but I can’t help but feel that I missed the best opportunities. I guess there’s always next year, right? I hope this doesn’t sound too negative because I still really enjoyed being outside.

  5. It was nice seeing you and Sam again in Lake Louise. Is this image taken next day? Gorrious Image, and interesting color combination….blue, yellow, white and green.

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