The Daily Snap – October 6

©Darwin Wiggett

The old boarding house, Nordegg, Alberta. If you want to get shots of some neat old buildings just drive into Nordegg and keep on going until you hit the old townsite and there you will be treated to some really cool buildings that you can play with. This is an overview image shot with the Canon G11 and showing just one building and its surroundings (this is an HDR of course). This old boarding house has a few broken windows and for the photographer who takes time to see there are some hidden gems to be found here. Check out the photo below taken by photo tour participant Carlos Esguerra; here we see an abstract detail of one of the windows. Great work Carlos! To see more of Carlo’s fantastic work be sure to visit his website. Thanks for the inspiration Carlos!

©Carlos Esguerra


4 Responses to “The Daily Snap – October 6”

  1. Amazing shot! First I couldn’t make out what it was, looked like an abstract drawing. Great shot!

  2. Jim Hicklin Says:

    re: “The Daily Snap-Oct 7.
    This image by Carlos Esquerra is indeed atypical of Carlos’ photographic “eye”. I had the pleasure of being an Instructor on one of Carlos’ first photo expeditions at Death Valley in the mid 90’s , Carlos toting a Hassy 500 and of ALL the clients I have been associated with over these many years , it was clear that Carlos had that most rarest of Photographic qualities…the vision to capture and express three dimension light and composition onto a two diimension media….It is indeed ART and deserviing of the much abused phrase “fine art”. A hearty congrats to Carlos.

  3. Thanks, Darwin and Hendrik.

  4. Thanks, Jim. Here’s cheers to a dear friend.

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