Miscellania for October

Below are some links that might be of interest:

Culturazzi: Oasis of the Arts is a fun website about cinema, photography, art, music, literature and theatre that has a really cool design and interesting content (if you want a quick summary of what is happening out there in the world of popular art).

For users of Nik Silver Efex Pro, there is good news, finally the 64bit version of the software has been released so you can now power through the B+W plug-in with screaming 64 bit Photoshop!

If you have never visited ProNature Photographer, then now might be the time! Great stories and useful advice for those wanting to sell photos of their nature work.

Enter American Photo: Images of the Year Competition – deadline October 17.

Check out Scott Linstead’s new coffee table book – Decisive Moments – Creating Iconic Imagery which shows amazing results you can get with high speed flash and traditional action-stopping photography. Scott’s photos of nature in action are inspiring!

Speaking of new books Extreme Exposure by David Nightingale may be of interest for those who like to go beyond 1/8th to 1/125 of a second.

Samantha has a new article out called: Texture and Pattern in Nature

And finally I have an article online called If You Need More Than One Lens, You’re  Not a Photographer!


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