The Daily Snap – October 10



©Darwin Wiggett


I am constantly reaching for my G11 to make detail shots of anything that catches my eye. More and more I am enjoying making abstracts of colour. Here I photographed the girder on the bridge over the Vermilion River on the Floe Lake Trail in Kootenay National Park. Without the Tilt swivel screen on the G11, I would never have been able to see to compose the image. Below is the context from which I made the abstract above.



©Darwin Wiggett



5 Responses to “The Daily Snap – October 10”

  1. Judy Windsor Says:

    Really beautiful! My next camera is going to have a tilt swivel screen, especially after my last weekend experience of tieing my body in a knot trying to get under some ferns with my camera on a tripod!

  2. These are great abstract shots. I especially like the first photo.

  3. Cool Abstract….Oh Yes !!!! I have that same articulated screen on my Nikon D5000….and it sure saves me from lying down flat on the wet cold ground to take special angles….getting way too old for that….Thanks Darwin for sharing your amazing skills, info and insight on this beautiful earth we share…..

  4. The same thing is happening to me…tired of flowers and the like and looking for more abstract elements. Nature paints beauty in so many ways. This shot is a wonderful example!

  5. Great colors! Abstraction is cool! And the G11 is indeed the whiz kid of a camera. I’m totally addicted to mine.

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