The Daily Snap – October 13

©Darwin Wiggett

Darwin about to taste the forbidden fruit!

Just having fun with the G11. I used the flip screen on the camera to compose this self-portrait. Then I just made weird faces at the apples and fired away with the camera using fill flash at -2 EV. Want to see a local park clear out really fast? Just go over to a tree and make cave man grunts while firing shots of yourself with a camera. Classy, really classy!


7 Responses to “The Daily Snap – October 13”

  1. Hilarious! You should do that when ‘Joe photographer’ decides to set up his tripod on your toes!

  2. Brilliant. I like. Gets the juices stirring for some sort of 365 day ‘self portrait’ project.

  3. Will have to remember that technique when I want the place to myself!!!!!!!

  4. Classic Wiggett.

  5. Love your humour! haha

  6. That’s hilarious. I think those moments are funny because I like to see people’s reaction to it…that is also the funny part.

  7. Don’t eat the shriveled ones, all the forbidden stuff has drained out!

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